Your lack of strategy is bleeding you dry

Your lack of strategy is bleeding you dry

You don’t want to invest in your marketing because you’ve no idea where to start. 

You don’t have time or money to waste on making mistakes and trialing tactics that you know won’t help you grow.

You are ticking marketing boxes without really knowing what return you are getting in return.

You aren’t sure you have the right messaging or that it is getting to the right customer at the right time.

You have done the same marketing for 10 years; it needs an overhaul and your systems need to link in to it for performance management but they don’t. 

You pay for sponsorship of a team you can’t give the tickets away for.

You want to sell the business in 5-10 years but you know you aren’t ship-shape internally. 

Sound familiar?

Avoiding a marketing strategy is costing you money and hindering your growth. 

Without a strategy you can be disjointed, misled, unfocused and flippant. The ‘urgent’ stuff will always take precedence over the day to day marketing activity which leaves you inconsistent and weak to your customer.

With a strategy you are pragmatic, organised and flexible. You have consistency, accountability and communication. Your teams have direction and share in your vision and your customers are listened to and adored. You can see hope for the next 12 months and your resource pressure is managed alongside your profitability. You have a bank of exciting customer communication pieces of all shapes and sizes ready to go, saving time, money and headaches. 

Your target customer is understood and well-managed and you are talking to them in the right language. This shortens the sales cycle. 

What’s not to like?

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