Why throwing money at your reactive marketing will end in empty pockets

Sales are down, you have had two key people from your customer service team leave and there is unrest amongst the company culture.

This period last year was strong so you thought it would be strong this year too.

What next?

Throw the money you’ve been avoiding spending into reactive marketing, right? Sponsorship, PR, digital campaigns, flashy adverts in high end magazines. That’ll work right?

It’s so common but longer term it’s a false economy, I know because I’ve analysed many businesses over 5-year periods and seen what a difference strategic, consistent marketing can make.

We can look at our marketing as a support function or as an integral driver for achieving our sales targets and growing the business. How you view marketing will impact your business approach and company culture. The key to NOT wasting money and having to resort to trailing unknown marketing tactics ‘willy nilly’ is to create a strategy.

For example, you could throw £2000 at lead adverts, retargeting, high end magazine adverts and sponsoring the local football team. You can buy some data or leads and travel through your database. What I’ve seen happen then is that the ‘tick box’ approach makes everyone FEEL better about sales being down but in reality, as there is no monitoring process, nothing actually changes apart from resentment for marketing and how much of a ‘black art’ it is.

I have news.

It’s no black art.

It’s not colouring in.

It’s hand in hand with sales.

It’s the easiest way to grow and make yourself some consistent, hard cash.

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