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    Latest Articles

    Slow down or speed up your marketing?

    How do you know whether to keep doing what you are doing with your marketing or start something new? Very often we can find comfort in doing what we have always done even when we are not sure if the outcome of it is the right one. This can apply to business in general, marketing...
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    How do business owners approach marketing? Which of the 10 types are you?

    Recently I have been reflecting on the types of business owners I like to work with and attempting to categorise some of their attitudes towards marketing in general. The reason for doing this is because if we can identify some of our approaches to marketing in ourselves, we can change and adapt them for better...
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    Marketing for successful managers

    You are successful in your business. You know what you want longer term and you aren’t afraid to get it. There’s just one thing that’s standing in your way and that is the consistency and quality of your marketing. Perhaps you are not sure if what you are doing is sustainable or if you are...
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