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    Latest Articles

    Not all marketers are the same. Here’s why

    Owning a business goes beyond operating your storefront or computing daily sales. You need a solid marketing strategy to drive customers in, and unless you have the required expertise, you might consider hiring a professional marketer.  But the fact is, not all marketers are the same, and it’s crucial to find the right one so...
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    Marketing strategy isn’t for you

    If you are someone that thinks that marketing is a dark art and that no one on earth can help you grow your business, through a little bit of planning then marketing strategy isn’t for you. The businesses that continue to benefit from marketing strategy year on year are the ones that are open to...
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    Why doing what you’ve always done is destroying your business

    Are you being a marketing ostrich? I work with many businesses who originally started off with a bit of a ‘fog’ around their marketing. The main thing that they were doing was repeating what they knew had worked in the past. There are obviously pros and cons for this but we found that over a...
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