Marketing Success

I have spoken to many businesses lately that have been doing ad-hoc marketing with no real direction or quantifiable outcome in mind. So many businesses use 3-4 agencies for the same strategy I.e. PR, website, copy, digital, events etc. Where does it end and how do you effectively manage your ROI? That starts with you…some […]

Improving Performance

Sounds easy right? In some ways yes. ¬†To improve performance you need to know several things about the current state of play. What is your current performance (opinion, fact, KPI, says who etc) Where do you need to be and within what timescale? What benchmarks do you have – how high will you set your […]

Managing Stress in the workplace

'Stress' is a very common word these days but more and more so in today's workplace. We all feel stressed at times but sometimes stress can become overwhelming and take its toll on our ability to perform in business, our home lives and our health. I have studied stress in the workplace from all angles, […]

Sales Psychology

Everyone wants to sell better and faster.  Everyone wants higher conversion rates, laser focus on realistic goals and to create outstanding competitive advantage. Sales psychology has a huge part to play in this process, one that I have seen many businesses neglect.  Understanding sales psychology is so important to company growth, staff development and overall […]

CEO Advice

Everyone needs someone to bounce ideas off and to keep them sane in today’s business world. As a Manager, CEO, CFO or Director you will no doubt be inundated with decisions daily and sometimes feel like a ship without a map. That doesn’t mean by any stretch that you need help, it means you are […]

It’s all in your mindset

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about attitude and positivity, more so in the last 5. I am a great observer so have watched the rise and fall of many business people. I would say the single thing that differentiates the weak from the strong is mindset. To have a positive mindset takes a […]

When times get tough

Every business goes through periods or elation and devastation. Years ago a large retail chain pulled a huge contract from us without warning which led to redundancies and pay freezes. Morale was low. However, we had always employed a certain ‘type’ of person. You know, the ones who don’t let up, the all-stars, the resilient […]

Skill set management 

So you have teams of people working for you but you don’t really understand what they do on a daily basis or where their progression lies. As Managers and Directors we are all guilty of employing someone using a structured job description and not really understanding the actual values and beliefs of that person or […]

Board level planning & presentations

As I’m sure you are aware, presenting at board level requires a different approach to your normal PowerPoint boardroom updates. Usually at board level you have key decision makers so it’s actually less of a presentation and more of a conformation that the direction of the business is correct. Having sat on a couple of […]

Planning your exit as an SME

In business we often over value our services and under value ourselves. The main decision makers and MDs are still hugely integral to the every day running and success of any business. It’s common for MDs to have such a superb team around them and for them to see the business running smoothly with little […]