Board level planning & presentations

As I’m sure you are aware, presenting at board level requires a different approach to your normal PowerPoint boardroom updates. Usually at board level you have key decision makers so it’s actually less of a presentation and more of a conformation that the direction of the business is correct. Having sat on a couple of […]

Planning your exit as an SME

In business we often over value our services and under value ourselves. The main decision makers and MDs are still hugely integral to the every day running and success of any business. It’s common for MDs to have such a superb team around them and for them to see the business running smoothly with little […]

Maternity & sickness cover for SMEs

It’s a sensitive subject but if you have a key member of staff that goes off sick or needs maternity cover it can be hard to get the right fit for that period of time, so as not to damage your business. I think it’s really important (especially in maternity cases) for the person going […]

Maximising resource

If you have a team of people with job titles and a job description, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that you have maximised your internal resources. Everything runs smoothly and job satisfaction is ostensibly high; however, what is your contingency if one of your team goes off on long term sick or maternity? How will […]


Sounds simple doesn’t it; just communicate. If you are in business, you will know that good communication across the board is hard to get and takes everyone to be on the same page. We all have different ways of communicating, whether it be that our preference is face to face or over email, everyone has […]