4 ways to grow your business through marketing

Ok, so you are looking for a quick fix for your marketing efforts, something simple to follow and implement that gives quick results. Bad news. If you want stable, long-term growth, it won’t happen overnight. If you are willing to wait a little longer and you want to be able to look back in 12 […]

The 1 thing you need to do to take control of your marketing

There’s one thing. This one thing will accelerate your business growth long-term through the outcomes of your marketing. MINDSET. That’s it. Harness your current thought process towards your marketing and use it to reset the scope of your business outcomes. So if you are currently thinking that your marketing is okay and it is too […]

4 things corporates do that small businesses don’t

Having worked with global corporates, high street retail (no that doesn’t mean I worked at Topshop…), the public sector and independents, I am well placed to make some comparisons. One thing I noticed from working in a large organisation and then with smaller, was that visions, missions and values were strangely, perhaps, more closely followed. […]

3 vital questions for your marketing team

“MARKETING IS FAR TOO IMPORTANT TO REMAIN IN THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT” I’ve observed many a marketing department and managed them myself too – there are some very common themes   1. Do you have a pathway clearly mapped out that is understood by everyone involved?   If you have a marketing plan that’s an A4 […]

5 tips to kick start your marketing for 2019

1. COMMUNICATE Sounds obvious right? Ask yourself who you are communicating to… Is it senior management only? Is it all of your staff? Is it some of your staff? Is it your customer? It needs to be a two-way street with all of them, if your communication is one-sided and infrequent you run the risk […]

You know good marketing works but you just don’t have time…

Is it possible to be successful and thrive if you HATE marketing? If there are elements of your business you actively detest, we need to tackle them and work out why. You need to achieve your personal and professional goals, so it’s time to get to the bottom of why you are ignoring (not prioritising), […]

3 reasons businesses neglect their marketing

There are more than 3 reasons but I doubt you’d be reading this if I had said 285000 reasons businesses neglect their marketing, so I’ll just give you three. Marketing is easy SO many small business owners have admitted that in their heads, marketing is the same as advertising and generally, is a one-off, quick […]

Stop dipping your toe in and collect your wedge

So you are superb at whatever you do, the best there is. You aren’t also expected to be wonderful at marketing (unless that’s your business!), that’s for those who are madly passionate about it, like me. There are 3 reasons your marketing, if you do any, isn’t working: COMMUNICATION CONSISTENCY ACCOUNTABILITY You need to be […]

Is a lack of cohesion stopping your business growth?

So you’ve got your departments in place. HR, Quality Control, Sales, Customer Services, Finance etc. so you ASSUME everyone communicates with each other, right? Our observation is that there can be quite a few disjointed areas in SMEs in terms of communication both internal and external which creates issues with growth. “One of the greatest […]

Sum of all parts

I recently did a survey to a selection of people from different industries, different backgrounds and varying exposures to ‘marketing’. I realised some time ago that the word MARKETING meant many different things to many different people. People’s perception of what marketing is, was dependent on their exposure to it over the years. To decide […]