Dear Gemma,

We have spent thousands of pounds on marketing with over nine agencies in the last three years. We still don’t know what we had from it can you change this?

It is utterly disappointing when you put so much money and trust into a marketing agency only to be left with seemingly zero results. For whatever comfort it may provide, you aren’t alone in this.

Businesses strike deals with ineffective agencies all the time for one reason or another. Maybe you thought the marketing agency was a good match, but they didn’t quite understand your product or mission. Maybe you didn’t give the agency enough information about your goals. Or maybe they promised you the sun, moon, and stars, but all you got was a rock.

The difference between a mediocre service and your case, however, is that something is missing. The marketing agencies should have reviewed with you what changed, what worked, and what didn’t work. And, if there was no change, why? It seems you didn’t get that, and here you are now, scratching your heads, wondering what all that money spent got you?

Fortunately, there’s a way out of this enigmatic state. You’ll just need to put your best investigative foot forward.

Step One: Go Back into the Archives

For each marketing agency you’ve worked with, create a separate desktop folder. See if you still have any email records of your correspondence with them and sort accordingly. If you have any meeting notes, add those to the appropriate folder, too. Compile anything you might have from when you worked with them.

Step Two: Review Your Documents

Have someone from your in-house marketing team, front of house, or the person who was the main point of contact, look through these documents and find what strategy you and the marketing agency had agreed upon.

For example, did marketing agency one, promise to create social media campaigns? Did marketing agency two, promise to optimize your email CTAs? Were there any changes in plans along the way? Follow the paper trail and see what it tells you.

Step Three: Compare Promises with Campaigns

Take a look at your marketing campaigns from when you employed those marketing agencies. If they didn’t align with what they promised they would do, then there’s your answer. You don’t know what you got from this experience because they actually gave you nothing.

If they did follow through with the plan, it’s time to turn your attention towards your company.


Sometimes marketing agencies repeatedly fail to deliver results because something about your business does not translate to marketing success. This doesn’t mean that your business is broken and doomed. It just means that how you’re presenting and organizing your information and product, and perhaps what you’re asking for from the agency, may not be ideal for market optimisation.

Consider if any of the following applies to your business:

  • You haven’t optimised your SEO.
  • You are not consistent with your online presence.
  • Your brand is underdeveloped.
  • Your audience focus is “everyone,” i.e., too wide.
  • Your audience focus is too narrow or unusual for your local market.
  • You don’t have a customer service/support team to follow up on leads.
  • You don’t like the idea of developing a social media presence.
  • Your view of marketing is strictly advertising.

All of these things can limit how effective marketing efforts can be. And an agency will only do what you ask them⁠—they aren’t going to do extra work for free. If I were to go into your office today, I would look for signs of all of these things, particularly SEO. If you haven’t updated your SEO, you aren’t showing up on people’s radar. Period.

Step Four: Before and After

If you want to see where you are after nine marketing agencies, take a look at your numbers three years ago and today. And look at all the numbers. Revenue doesn’t always tell you a marketing campaign was successful. It just means that you made more money that year. Look at the number of visitors to your webpage; clicks on CTAs embedded in emails; engagement on social media posts; how many leads you captured; conversions.

If your audience engagement has improved, then something worked or is working. Pinpoint your most successful campaigns and repeat.

Step Five: Follow Through with the Sales Funnel

When a marketing agency steps back and returns the reigns to you, you need to pick the reigns back up. An agency will set you up for success after they’re long gone, but if you don’t follow through, it’ll be like nothing happened. Marketing is not just putting your name out there. It’s telling a story, converting customers, and building trust with your clients. Marketing is about generating interest and loyalty, both of which fall on either side of your sales funnel.

The Strength of Your Business

Before you look for another marketing agency, try to develop in-house solutions to solve internal discrepancies first. Marketing strategies aren’t going to work if your brand is inconsistent with what you are, you don’t know your target audience, and you’re not even showing up on search engines. It’s worth the month, maybe two-month-long, process.  Don’t forget key foundations and traditional marketing tactics – these are often the lifeblood of your business and help provide reassurance for customers.

Try putting someone on this task. Once you’ve cleaned up here and there, then consider launching some stellar marketing campaigns. Perhaps go back to the strategies that the marketing agencies you hired came up with and see how they fare. You already have a first draft of the plan—now it’s time for your team to bring this to the finish line.

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As a small business owner, you know that marketing is fundamental to your company’s success. Your company may be efficiently run and offer goods and services of the highest quality, but your sales will never reach your desired level without effective marketing.

Hiring a Chartered Marketer like me could have a positive influence on your business performance.

What is a Chartered Marketer?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is a British institution that, since 1911, has broadened the scope of its operations to become an internationally recognised centre of excellence. The Institute has awarded Chartered Marketer status to around 3,000 individuals around the globe. To qualify for this award, marketers have to have:

  • Excellent qualifications
  • Experience in the field
  • A commitment to ongoing professional development

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Chartered Marketer like me?

The marketing world is changing with bewildering speed. The internet has altered and continues to alter the way customers find information and make purchases. It is essential that a competitive business keeps abreast of these changes and uses every possible channel to reach and hold its target market.

By hiring a Chartered Marketer, you can be sure that you are employing a professional who is up-to-date with all the current trends. They will study your product or service, identify the best market, and suggest the optimum way to reach your customers. As an outsider, they will bring fresh perspectives and may identify weaknesses in your strategy that escaped your notice.

Marketing is their profession, and their Chartered status demonstrates that they are at the top of their field.

Chartered Marketer or Marketing Agency?

Firstly, there are some excellent agencies around, but there are good reasons to consider hiring a Chartered Marketer instead:

  1. They will help you to design a specific marketing strategy for your business. Agencies may take a broader approach that works well enough, but many of your competitors may also utilise the strategy.
  2. They will become part of your company team as they get to know your business, you, and your employees first-hand. They will know what is feasible and what is not. For example, they will be able to tailor a strategy within your budget and timeline.
  3. They can adapt to your overall business goals.
  4. You know that they are amongst the best in the field.

Wrapping Up

If you feel that your marketing strategy is falling short of your ambitions, you might find that it makes sound economic sense to hire a professional who can demonstrate their proven ability through their Chartered Marketer status. They have to stay on top of their field; otherwise, they lose their membership in this valued group – this is exactly what I do.  Get in touch to find out more Chat with me here

Even the smallest business needs marketing to let consumers know that you’re in operation and ready to sell products or services. When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, the goal is simple: create and implement a marketing plan to grow your business.

Growing your business should translate to an increase in your profits and the potential to grow your company. A marketing strategy, even a simple one, can help you achieve that.

Let’s review three reasons why a marketing strategy will grow your business.


1. A Marketing Strategy Helps to Set Prices

Having a market strategy helps you determine how high or low to set your product or service prices—whether unique or similar to other products and services already available in the market; creating a marketing strategy forces you to assess what you have to offer.


2. Determine Your Where, When, How, and Whom

Once you’ve determined the sellability of your product or service, the next step is to determine where, when, and how to present it to the market.

You also need to pay attention to the “whom”, because depending on your product, not all communities, age groups, ethnicities etc., will want your product. People have preferences, whether it’s in branding, location of purchase, quantity, or size.

Once you’ve determined, through your market research, who is most likely to buy your products or services, you need to decide where or how your customers are most likely to buy your goods. Are you going to reach customers online, or do you need a brick and mortar store? Determining this will also determine the type of marketing strategy to go with.


3. Give the People What They Want

Market research, consumer surveys, and other marketing strategies are an absolute must when deciding which products or services to scale up where production and sales are concerned. These various tools help determine which of your products or services are faster movers.

You will also be forced to consider your product or service’s lifespan, perishability, or lack thereof. Constant evaluation of your products and services will keep you relevant, which can translate to brand growth.


A marketing strategy will help you decide which direction you want to take your business, whether that means scaling up what you have, diversifying, or shifting gears completely. Regardless of what you choose to do, go with a marketing strategy that will grow your business. Click here to get in touch CONTACT ME TODAY

My first piece of advice: utilise the team you already have, if you have one. More than likely, you have a highly capable team with the ability to market your business; you just need some direction. So let’s jump in.

Update Your Marketing Strategy

A solid marketing strategy plays a huge role in determining your success for any business, large or small. When was the last time you reviewed your marketing strategy? Do you even have a marketing strategy?

If you don’t have a marketing strategy or if you have one, but it has been collecting dust in the corner of your office, it’s time for a major update. Understanding and updating your marketing strategy may seem overwhelming since it has many moving parts, but I believe you can do it.

Choose a Marketing Expert & Retrain Your Team

It sounds like you already have a killer team supporting your business (or you are destined to have one); the goal now is to retrain them to include marketing as part of their everyday skillset.

First, carefully analyse your team, their current roles, activities, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Once you have a complete picture of your team, it is time to choose a marketing expert. Your chosen marketing expert (pick me, pick me!), will need to know your marketing strategy inside and out and work to carry out the goals of that strategy.

Once you have your chosen marketing expert, they can help to train other employees to be more marketing-minded.

Try New Marketing Tactics

From my experience, we sometimes fail because we insist on doing the same things repeatedly, even if they are not working well anymore. We find comfort in our set ways; it takes gumption to try something new. But marketing strategies are ever-evolving, and you should be exploring new ways to best market your business.

Follow Current Trends

A huge marketing mistake is to ignore current trends. Do not ignore current trends. You might have all the right marketing tools and strategies in place, but without following the current trends, failure is more likely.

Use popular apps to create videos, post pictures, and interact with potential customers. Every business needs an active social media presence; without one, you may struggle to stay current and in touch with your customers.

Be Patient

Marketing is both a long and short-term game to play. While you need to be active and follow current trends, you need to work on your long-term plan to marketing and brand your business well. Be patient and work with one another to accomplish the goals that have been outlined in your marketing strategy. As you push forward as a team, you will see the results from a unified and current marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is essential in meeting your business objectives, and by following my mentoring advice above, you may be well on your way to meeting your marketing goals. Contact me here Click here

If the year 2020 served as any indication, the world as we know it is susceptible to drastic change. As you might have guessed from operating your business, the same is true of marketing.

You know the fundamentals of marketing. You know your product or service. And you know your customers, but what if your customer base is changing as we head into 2022? Let’s learn how to keep your marketing fresh in 2022.

Be Aware

Yes, just as you did in the beginning, start as if you’re doing a brand new thing. Revisit what you’re selling/providing, who it’s for, and what problem it solves. Even if none of these things have changed, when it comes to knowing where you’re headed, it’s vital to know exactly where you are.

Start by going back at your original business and marketing plans, note what has been working, and scrap whatever hasn’t worked thus far. Then consider what can help you go further.

Be Personal

Are you using business-to-business marketing? How about neuromarketing? For months now, there’s been talk in the media about 2022, meaning the end of third-party cookies for Google searchers. What does this mean for advertisers?

Essentially, it means there will be no easy way. There will be no passive means of advertising. Instead, it will require greater effort on the part of business owners and advertisers. In other words, 2022 will make personal connections absolutely vital. This means you will be better off taking advantage of tools like business-to-business marketing.

Now is not the time to shy away from old-school tactics. Make yourself visible to those looking for your services. Connect with other businesses. In 2021, a lot of people lost faith in the media. They want a business they can trust, someone whose values and intentions are clear. Don’t shy away from being personal.

Be a Thought-Leader

If nothing else, be a thought-leader. In 2022, this is what customers are looking for. There is new technology. AI is becoming increasingly popular. People are staying home. Many have learned to adapt to a new way of life.

Therefore, your marketing also needs to be adaptable. As important as it is to be personal, so it is as important to be adaptable. Become a thought-leader in the industry. 2022 is a blank slate. Keep it fresh.



By looking at your previous and current marketing plans, you can enter 2022 with fresh marketing tactics to encourage brand growth.  Don’t have a plan?  Get in touch to discuss marketing support.