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4 Ways to Uplift Your Marketing

4 Ways to Uplift Your Marketing

Date: 21 August 2023 | By: gemma

There's nothing mysterious about the role marketing plays in business. It's not enough to open a storefront or get a website and wait for people to come.

You need to create a voice and make it persuasive enough to influence customer decision-making. That is what marketing is for, and your business can't be successful without it.

You also can't expect your marketing strategies to hold up forever. Markets change, trends change, people change, and so your marketing strategies should too. Here are four ways to uplift your marketing.

1. Be Purposeful

You don't need to use every marketing strategy ever invented to market your brand. Be selective when thinking about your product or services and potential customers. Today, social media is the obvious and one of the least expensive marketing tools you can use.

2. Invest in Brand Advocacy 

Brand advocacy is using your existing customers to gain new customers. For example, you could incentivise current customers to use a branded hashtag promoting your latest product or service with a percentage off their purchase total. Potential customers take recommendations from friends seriously, so use your current customer base to grow.

3. Go Deep Undercover

While business owners want their competitors' customers all to themselves, you might be at a loss of how to gain that competitive advantage. Take a cue from industry giants and head undercover.

When Airbnb started, it had many default competitors including every national hotel and motel chain. But they were smart about it. They launched an email campaign that targeted Craigslist users, offering their homes to travellers, pretending to be just another nice and helpful Craigslist poster. That was a bold move with the potential for controversy, but the company pulled it off and attached their competitors' customers.

4. Analyse and Improve Your Performance 

As a business owner, you know how important it is to analyse your performance to make the necessary improvements. But did you know that you don't have to wait for your campaign to end before you do that? Savvy marketers know that analysis and improvements are an ongoing affair, which means you need to do them while your campaign is happening, not after.

Marketing is what gets people in the door and keeps them dedicated to your brand. Keep adjusting your strategy, looking for trends and market shifts. A strong campaign will help you stay on top of your game and in your customers' minds.

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