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Tough and Transparent – Standing Behind Difficult Business Choices

Tough and Transparent – Standing Behind Difficult Business Choices

Date: 14 March 2023 | By: gemma

Transparency in the workplace is essential. It helps both your customers and employees understand how your business operates. While a lack of transparency can frustrate employees and leave them out of the loop, well-established transparency sets expectations and values for your business.

Why is it important to have transparency in the workplace?

Transparency is about honesty. This happens through open and direct communication. When your employees can count on their colleagues to tell the complete truth, they will be more productive (and happier). However, telling the whole truth is sometimes difficult. This includes addressing challenges and mistakes within the business.

Another aspect of transparency is owning up to your mistakes. In the long run, this will earn the respect of your employees. When lines of communication are open, this fosters a comfortable environment for having those tough conversations. Such conversations may propose a creative solution, leading to a better work environment.

Ways to Foster Transparent Communication

Good things take time, yet, the company's cultural benefits will be worth your effort. Some practices to instil a transparent work environment include:

  • Working to address complicated situations. Transparency means fostering open communication. For example, if employees have challenges, you want them to feel comfortable enough to bring them to you or other leaders.
  • Trusting your team members. It is critical to define employee roles and set goals. However, once a team member is working on their task or project, allow them the freedom to work independently. Unnecessary "micromanaging" can be an inefficient use of your time and cause your employees to second guess themselves.
  • Providing regular opportunities for employees to ask questions. Periodic meetings help your team feel united and comfortable with one another. These meetings are an excellent time for you to give instructions and for your employees to ask questions or make suggestions. A discussion with the whole group can increase transparency and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Benefits of Transparency

Transparency in your business is essential, but it will take consistent work. It is important to stick to the task at hand because the benefits of a transparent company will be worth it! Some of the benefits you may see include:

  • Increased innovation. Employees will feel more comfortable suggesting new and bold ideas in a transparent environment.
  • Improved trust within your team. Trust is the foundation for teamwork. If you want your employees to work well together, they should trust one another. What is the best way to build trust? With a transparent company culture.

As you and your team work to create a transparent work environment, you will see the benefit in all aspects of the brand. Contact me today HERE


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