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Why are you wasting money on dreadful marketing efforts?

Why are you wasting money on dreadful marketing efforts?

Date: 1 January 2023 | By: gemma

Dreadful marketing is not just a waste of money - it can also be counterproductive as it turns customers off to purchasing your products or services. To avoid dreadful marketing efforts, my advice is that you audit your current marketing in its entirety. I've seen so many businesses who think they have their marketing sorted but that now doesn't resonate with the customer, they have no plan for the future and customer churn is high and unmanageable.

Audit Your Marketing

It does not matter how big or small your business is; you should take a good look at your current marketing efforts. During your review, you may find these common and often repeated mistakes that you can start to rectify immediately.

Stop Talking Down to Your Customers

It is surprising how many marketing programs treat potential customers as if they are clueless. Unless your product or service is cutting edge, your customer will know the general function of your product or service offerings.

Always treat your customer with respect.

Avoid Being Insensitive

If your product or service has a broad appeal, your publicity should reflect this. You don't want to reduce your target audience by appealing only to a narrow audience segment.

Avoid Too Much Information

Some marketing efforts assume that by providing more information, the better off the customer will be. This tactic runs the risk of bogging down the customer with unnecessary details.

In your marketing, you should emphasise what distinguishes your product or service from the competition. An interested customer can then ask for more information if they need it.

Make yourself distinctive and make it easy for the customer to see why they should choose you – you’ll be amazed at how many businesses think they do this but they actually don’t.

The More Marketing, The Better

Use every avenue available to reach your target market. This may include social media, print media, theatre ads, promotions, etc. Adding additional marketing tactics will reach a wider audience, which may translate to sales.

Update Stagnant Marketing

Customer tastes change, and so does the market. Your marketing should always be up-to-date or even ahead of the curve.

Up-to-date changes may need to include your brand designs, logos, staffing practices, etc. Efforts to update your company will impact your appeal to the general public in both gaining employees and customers.

Create an Impact

Marketing should engage the customer, and it should be visually attractive and informative. A lasting impact may create a life-long customer. Don’t be shy about who you are and what you offer!

Spend Money on Market Research

Some companies use guesswork when it comes to designing their marketing programs. Thoroughly research your target audience and spend accordingly. If you ‘think’ you know what your customer wants, why not confirm it.  With my clients, this often brings up valuable new insights that we can use to drive activity for growth.


When promoting your business, products, and/or services, you need to ensure that your marketing is focused, relevant, and engaging. Poor marketing is a waste of money and does not help to make you money although you feel like you are ‘ticking a box’.


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