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Why Using a Chartered Marketer Makes a Real Difference

Why Using a Chartered Marketer Makes a Real Difference

Date: 9 May 2022 | By: gemma

As a small business owner, you know that marketing is fundamental to your company's success. Your company may be efficiently run and offer goods and services of the highest quality, but your sales will never reach your desired level without effective marketing.

Hiring a Chartered Marketer like me could have a positive influence on your business performance.

What is a Chartered Marketer?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is a British institution that, since 1911, has broadened the scope of its operations to become an internationally recognised centre of excellence. The Institute has awarded Chartered Marketer status to around 3,000 individuals around the globe. To qualify for this award, marketers have to have:

  • Excellent qualifications
  • Experience in the field
  • A commitment to ongoing professional development

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Chartered Marketer like me?

The marketing world is changing with bewildering speed. The internet has altered and continues to alter the way customers find information and make purchases. It is essential that a competitive business keeps abreast of these changes and uses every possible channel to reach and hold its target market.

By hiring a Chartered Marketer, you can be sure that you are employing a professional who is up-to-date with all the current trends. They will study your product or service, identify the best market, and suggest the optimum way to reach your customers. As an outsider, they will bring fresh perspectives and may identify weaknesses in your strategy that escaped your notice.

Marketing is their profession, and their Chartered status demonstrates that they are at the top of their field.

Chartered Marketer or Marketing Agency?

Firstly, there are some excellent agencies around, but there are good reasons to consider hiring a Chartered Marketer instead:

  1. They will help you to design a specific marketing strategy for your business. Agencies may take a broader approach that works well enough, but many of your competitors may also utilise the strategy.
  2. They will become part of your company team as they get to know your business, you, and your employees first-hand. They will know what is feasible and what is not. For example, they will be able to tailor a strategy within your budget and timeline.
  3. They can adapt to your overall business goals.
  4. You know that they are amongst the best in the field.

Wrapping Up

If you feel that your marketing strategy is falling short of your ambitions, you might find that it makes sound economic sense to hire a professional who can demonstrate their proven ability through their Chartered Marketer status. They have to stay on top of their field; otherwise, they lose their membership in this valued group – this is exactly what I do.  Get in touch to find out more Chat with me here

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