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DEAR GEMMA. Mentoring and Marketing

DEAR GEMMA. Mentoring and Marketing

Date: 9 February 2022 | By: gemma

My first piece of advice: utilise the team you already have, if you have one. More than likely, you have a highly capable team with the ability to market your business; you just need some direction. So let's jump in.

Update Your Marketing Strategy

A solid marketing strategy plays a huge role in determining your success for any business, large or small. When was the last time you reviewed your marketing strategy? Do you even have a marketing strategy?

If you don't have a marketing strategy or if you have one, but it has been collecting dust in the corner of your office, it's time for a major update. Understanding and updating your marketing strategy may seem overwhelming since it has many moving parts, but I believe you can do it.

Choose a Marketing Expert & Retrain Your Team

It sounds like you already have a killer team supporting your business (or you are destined to have one); the goal now is to retrain them to include marketing as part of their everyday skillset.

First, carefully analyse your team, their current roles, activities, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Once you have a complete picture of your team, it is time to choose a marketing expert. Your chosen marketing expert (pick me, pick me!), will need to know your marketing strategy inside and out and work to carry out the goals of that strategy.

Once you have your chosen marketing expert, they can help to train other employees to be more marketing-minded.

Try New Marketing Tactics

From my experience, we sometimes fail because we insist on doing the same things repeatedly, even if they are not working well anymore. We find comfort in our set ways; it takes gumption to try something new. But marketing strategies are ever-evolving, and you should be exploring new ways to best market your business.

Follow Current Trends

A huge marketing mistake is to ignore current trends. Do not ignore current trends. You might have all the right marketing tools and strategies in place, but without following the current trends, failure is more likely.

Use popular apps to create videos, post pictures, and interact with potential customers. Every business needs an active social media presence; without one, you may struggle to stay current and in touch with your customers.

Be Patient

Marketing is both a long and short-term game to play. While you need to be active and follow current trends, you need to work on your long-term plan to marketing and brand your business well. Be patient and work with one another to accomplish the goals that have been outlined in your marketing strategy. As you push forward as a team, you will see the results from a unified and current marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is essential in meeting your business objectives, and by following my mentoring advice above, you may be well on your way to meeting your marketing goals. Contact me here Click here

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