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How To Keep Your Marketing Fresh in 2022

How To Keep Your Marketing Fresh in 2022

Date: 24 January 2022 | By: gemma

If the year 2020 served as any indication, the world as we know it is susceptible to drastic change. As you might have guessed from operating your business, the same is true of marketing.

You know the fundamentals of marketing. You know your product or service. And you know your customers, but what if your customer base is changing as we head into 2022? Let's learn how to keep your marketing fresh in 2022.

Be Aware

Yes, just as you did in the beginning, start as if you're doing a brand new thing. Revisit what you're selling/providing, who it's for, and what problem it solves. Even if none of these things have changed, when it comes to knowing where you're headed, it's vital to know exactly where you are.

Start by going back at your original business and marketing plans, note what has been working, and scrap whatever hasn't worked thus far. Then consider what can help you go further.

Be Personal

Are you using business-to-business marketing? How about neuromarketing? For months now, there's been talk in the media about 2022, meaning the end of third-party cookies for Google searchers. What does this mean for advertisers?

Essentially, it means there will be no easy way. There will be no passive means of advertising. Instead, it will require greater effort on the part of business owners and advertisers. In other words, 2022 will make personal connections absolutely vital. This means you will be better off taking advantage of tools like business-to-business marketing.

Now is not the time to shy away from old-school tactics. Make yourself visible to those looking for your services. Connect with other businesses. In 2021, a lot of people lost faith in the media. They want a business they can trust, someone whose values and intentions are clear. Don't shy away from being personal.

Be a Thought-Leader

If nothing else, be a thought-leader. In 2022, this is what customers are looking for. There is new technology. AI is becoming increasingly popular. People are staying home. Many have learned to adapt to a new way of life.

Therefore, your marketing also needs to be adaptable. As important as it is to be personal, so it is as important to be adaptable. Become a thought-leader in the industry. 2022 is a blank slate. Keep it fresh.



By looking at your previous and current marketing plans, you can enter 2022 with fresh marketing tactics to encourage brand growth.  Don't have a plan?  Get in touch to discuss marketing support.

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