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Slow down or speed up your marketing?

Date: 10 February 2021 | By: admin

How do you know whether to keep doing what you are doing with your marketing or start something new?

Very often we can find comfort in doing what we have always done even when we are not sure if the outcome of it is the right one. This can apply to business in general, marketing or life itself.

It is often easier to have ‘ticked a box’ and created something that we know didn’t get a negative reaction from others, than to risk creating something new that could not be as well received.

What if we create something new though, that change other peoples perspective and accelerated us towards our goals?

Creation of something new can often be invigorating and if it is built from a place of belief and integrity it will usually get us to our desired outcome.

In marketing and in the current pandemic (sorry to mention it), it can be hard to know whether to pull back on business activities and marketing in general or whether to invest more and speed up.

Pulling back on marketing at the moment can seem like the right thing to do to manage your budget. Actually, what happens is that it can damage your business because you disappear from sight at a time when everybody else can feel invisible as well. This can breed a lack of confidence in your brand and distrust.

In times like these we remember the people who stuck around and the ones that made us feel special during a time when we can often feel isolated and alone.

Promises and the ‘little things’ can be so important, more so now than ever so it is good to recognise that there is a need to stay close to your team, your loved ones and your customers to help them feel safe. Safety can be found in good communication and words that give peace of mind. Your tone of voice and the method in which you communicate with your customers is incredibly important.

My clients (who I adore), have all decided to speed up their marketing and are already remaining stable with accelerated growth in the pipeline for the coming months. We knew what worked with our marketing before the pandemic so we carry on with the basics of that but also use the time to heavily reassure and inform the customer through mediums that suit them, whilst they are less able to venture out.

This could be in the form of client and patient newsletters, phone calls to confirm appointments and walk them through what will happen once they arrive at the clinic, infographics showing what changes have been made to the business or simple social media reassurance in general.

Another thing my clients have been doing is communicating with their partners, affiliate‘s and business network. The benefit of this is they are showing that they are resilient and strong and are either remaining open or all ready for business in the coming months. We have started planning for spring and summer with the confidence and experiential evidence we have from previous years. This means that we remain close to the customer and minimise any form of drop-off or downtime and the customer is ready to start converting again.

Another benefit of the speed up is that we are receiving more customer reviews and testimonials which longer term will provide more customer reassurance and feed our reputations. Referrals are huge in most businesses and word-of-mouth can really accelerate growth with stability whilst saving on lead generation.

My passion is really in the customer communication side of traditional marketing and the focus on maximising businesses existing databases (or building them from scratch). Once I have found the business’s key customer type, I want to find more of them and look into how I can get existing customers converting more often and then seek out more of them from a wider base. This can involve the language used to speak to them, the ways in which we catch their attention and finding out what they like and where they hang out.

I find it incredibly inspiring how strong some of my clients and businesses have been in the last year but all of them have been unwavering in their commitment to the customer communications and the passion for why they set up their businesses. This is what has made them strong and this is what will grow their business through successful marketing in the future.

Here’s to everyone out there grafting to do the right thing by the customer and delivering elegant, timely and relevant marketing for success!

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