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Marketing for successful managers

Date: 26 October 2020 | By: admin

You are successful in your business. You know what you want longer term and you aren’t afraid to get it.

There’s just one thing that’s standing in your way and that is the consistency and quality of your marketing.

Perhaps you are not sure if what you are doing is sustainable or if you are losing customers to competitors. Your database might need a refresh or you might just be looking to improve profitability for the future, whatever your driver to read this article, we can sort it.

If you are a start-up business and you are looking for some key take homes to become successful, look no further. If you are an established business looking to step it up a gear, I’d love to speak with you.

It’s make or break

For small businesses, marketing can be make or break. It can be a minefield deciding who to market to, with what, for what reason and outcome and how much to spend.

How do you know what to deliver to your customers and by what medium?
Getting these basics right can mean the business rockets into the success charts or it falls in a heap with lots of other failed start-ups lacking the key fundamentals in communication to truly engage with their audience.

When it’s done right

Marketing that is appropriate and well timed can create an authentic space for the business to springboard from. It creates the basics of stable growth, usually coupled with sales and deep rooted customer understanding. This understanding of the routes to market from the outset can provide direction right from day one and save a whole world of money, time and effort throughout the process of gaining traction. It’s key to understand exactly who the target customer is, why you are targeting them, with what, when and how.

When it all goes wrong

Marketing that is rushed and inconsistent will rarely get you the foothold you need on your market early doors. It will make you feel like you are ticking a box and you will feel you are at least being active but it’s not proactive with forethought which is what you desperately need. Carrying out a marketing activity then leaving the aftermath alone is lethal for business progress. Accountability for cold hard results is vital for longer term progress and stable, profitable outcomes. It all goes wrong when you start with reactive marketing and think it can continue.

You’ll haemorrhage money, constantly be chasing your tail and forever be reacting to your competition.

If you are successful and want to move to the next level with your customer communications, get in touch.

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