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Are you fulfilled or just ticking boxes for a sense of achievement?

Date: 29 June 2020 | By: admin

What is the point in being ‘successful’ if you aren’t fulfilled?

In a busy world where everything has changed forever, it’s easy to get wrapped up in being a human doing, not a human being.

We all do it! We get on the business treadmill and rarely actually get off and take stock.

These thoughts came out of a few virtual workshops I’ve run lately with client teams. Everyone felt so stifled by box ticking they were stressed and frustrated with their lack of growth.

They were ticking boxes day in day out and being paid/getting the job done but feeling unfulfilled, deeply, which was affecting productivity and company culture overall.

There are many human needs in life but 5 key areas that we all have a driver from. These are integral to ongoing happiness and satisfaction in life.

Mine is growth. I love to always be moving and growing in every area of my life. Yours might be significance or love, for example.


????????We have now explored each individuals target need. What they need to keep them fulfilled in life in general

????????We have explored what that looks like in it’s entirety with their individual needs plotted and matched to the rest of their colleagues

????????We have used those needs to seek strength and embrace weakness throughout their personal lives and the working day

….this week we look at understanding client needs, now we understand our own.

This might sound long winded but it’s not. It’s ESSENTIAL for longer term growth for a business, stability in company culture, harmony, avoiding distrust and general good vibes each day!

You can then use all of this lovely knowledge to build exciting customer communications with real information and insight.

Your marketing will be far superior to the basic content you were putting out previously and your staff/teams inspired. For creative writing to flow and be relevant you HAVE TO put the customer at the heart of everything you do. It’s that simple.

We all want to feel fulfilled and satisfied in life – we go through phases where we think we need money, cars, houses, new relationships, better jobs and bigger businesses….

Then we get it and it’s still not enough, there are many examples of this dissatisfaction in ‘real life’, we see it in the celebrity world all the time.

The world we live in now is full of imposters and filters so it can be hard to trust a brand or a person until you really understand who they truly are, what they need and how you can help them/they can help you.

This trust can be built by exceptional marketing skill.

Explore your need foundations with me if you like, it’s quite an eye opener.

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