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Brakes, Helicopters and Binoculars

Date: 15 January 2020 | By: admin

are too busy, surrounded by customers clambering for your business. You have
the correct amount of resource and everything is wonderful.

sales ‘high’.

you’ve experienced this, you also know that there are times when you are
stressed beyond belief, your staff are on holiday or off sick, customers are
complaining and there seems to be pressure from every angle.

sales are down some people tend to be more reactive with their marketing. So,
when there is less money and customers coming in, you spend more, right?! That
makes no sense to me but it DOES tend to at least make people feel they are
doing something. Surely, it’s far better to spend more when you have more?

journey from one to the other CAN be managed but it takes a set of brakes, a
helicopter and some binoculars.


what you are doing isn’t working, stop doing it!

people in business ‘tick boxes’ and if you’ve been following me for a while you
know I talk about this a lot because it gives people peace of mind but doesn’t
convert in to growth or profit. So why bother?

the brakes on regularly, STOP and really look at what you are doing and
spending in every area. Is it serving you and your customer?


in your eye in the sky and take a real hard look at every area of the business.
Use the birds eye view to see things away from your desk and from other people’s
perspective. Look at your teams and how they are talking to and serving your
customers, check any feedback from all concerned and use it build, build,

trip in your helicopter is good for the soul - you will start to understand (if
you don’t already) where your pain points are and more than likely you will see
any issues you’ve been ignoring or that are affecting your growth.

invite others into your helicopter too to share your perspective - you may even
let them fly! You might need to watch your cyclic pitch and Coriolis force but
once you are up and flying, you’ll be in control of far more than you ever knew
you could be.


your binoculars to see ahead. You’ve looked down and had an aerial view but are
you also looking forward. To succeed you. Red vision so be clear in your
business goals and what you want to achieve in the future as these should drive
your daily activity.

can lend your binoculars to others too which is wonderful for seeing things
from someone else’s perspective. Other people will see things that you haven’t,
things you’ve missed that could benefit the business.

wait until sales drop to step up your marketing. Ensure you are clear in your
purpose and excellent in your communication to all.

reducing the ups and downs of the rollercoaster and get back to enjoying the ride.

me today to discuss your individual needs and to set a plan of action for the
year ahead

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