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The best marketers have curiosity, sales ability & a sense of responsibility

Date: 6 December 2019 | By: admin

No two marketers are the same.

The term ‘marketing’ can be linked to the guy who stands in the town centre with the board that advertises the local pizza joint or can relate to a highly successful campaign run at an event to get prospects to sign up to a mailing list.  It can be a designer who creates beautiful advertisements or a full on digital campaign that boosts website traffic.

The best marketers never sit still, they never accept the status quo and they never assume they’ve done ‘enough’. In order to progress you must challenge…challenge everything. Question everything. Test everything. To do this you must develop or be blessed with curiosity above that of the average person. There has to be an inherent inquisitive streak in every second of the day.

This curiosity then leads to a sense of responsibility and ownership of what is being carried out. Actually, being accountable for actions on marketing can breed a culture that is strong, a department that fight for an outcome and a business that grows faster than one that requires you to fly by the seat of your pants.

With a sense of responsibility, often comes an ability to understand other people’s needs. This leads on to sales ability. Many sales people and marketers see themselves as polar opposites, one that is fast acting and quick thinking the other that is slow acting and more methodical in approach. Excellent marketers can switch and have often got a perfect mix of both sales and marketing deeply ingrained within them. This is a fantastic asset for any business. The marketer understands the needs of the customer on a far deeper level meaning the sales cycle is shorter and prospects are grown into actual customers with ease.

I am that perfect mix of sales, marketing, curiosity and responsibility. Don't believe me? Find out for yourself when we have a coffee

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