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3 things you can do to make marketing easier, today

Date: 29 July 2019 | By: admin

  1. Set the big picture vision

If you have a vague idea of where you are going but no real, aligned longer-term goals for the business, it’s likely you will be more reactive in your marketing. When you don’t have a constant vision and mission to keep you focused and drive your teams, you lose your ability to manage stable growth. Once you have the reasons you are doing what you are doing, who for and for what outcome, you’ll see that the clarity you have creates a foundation for managing your marketing daily and growing your business over the year, whilst also taking your teams on the journey with you.

  1. Work backwards by quarter

Once you are clear on your mission, it is time to build your strategy around that and the tactics beneath it. Map out your financial year by quarter and then by month. Get your key players together and write down all of the trade events, regular communications, advertising opportunities, industry dates, etc. Use that then, to fill in the gaps and see where the balance lies with your existing and prospect customers, are you serving your database well and attracting who you need to serve, into your business, in appropriate measure?

  1. Involve others

You can’t do al this on your own! This is for a few reasons, you shouldn’t have to (that’s why you have built and are growing your business), you can’t, simply because we are all human and we need good communication and purpose to survive. Also, because in order to get buy-in and therefore stable growth, you need to take your teams with you. This level of clear and focused communication amongst your team removes ambiguity, reduces costly mistakes and improves company culture. Never underestimate how a few checks on your mission and tactics can improve your business overall. Your vision can’t just sit with you or your steering committee it needs to be lived, breathed and absorbed by everyone who clocks in for a day’s work. The consequences of NOT doing these things are far more damaging longer-term, than sitting down now and taking simple, proactive action.

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