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Don’t wait for sales to slow before marketing

Date: 4 July 2019 | By: admin

We've all done it, rested on our laurels and thought 'We've cracked it...", the sales are coming in, customers are happy and everything is great.

Then all of a sudden, a competitor ups their activity or a sales person leaves so a territory is unmanned. We can't hit budget, we can't compete and the recruitment process is slow.

What do we do?

Panic. Then do some reactive, costly marketing to try and fill the massive hole that has just opened up that we weren't prepared for.

What if the panic never set in though?

What if we were already expecting all this to happen and had a contingency?

If you look at your STRATEGIC marketing first, there are plans in place to help you manage your resource and output whilst keeping the budget healthy. There is a bank of collateral for you to utilise when you can feel customer contact or sales sliding. There is no waiting for design or setting up reactive campaigns, just well-executed, measured marketing that works.

When you think ahead, you can be proactive and you have time to think about the outcome which also enables you to avoid being emotional about a situation too.

In business, these things happen, we take the rough with the smooth and the good with the bad but why not lessen the headaches and keep your customers happy with consistency.

It really can be that simple. Let me prove it.

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