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4 ways to grow your business through marketing

Date: 4 March 2019 | By: admin

Ok, so you are looking for a quick fix for your marketing efforts, something simple to follow and implement that gives quick results.

Bad news. If you want stable, long-term growth, it won’t happen overnight. If you are willing to wait a little longer and you want to be able to look back in 12 months and say that you are glad you started managing your marketing when you did, this is for you.

promise you, I have proven this time and time again, your business will benefit
on so many areas of you use and follow these 4 things.

  1. GET CONSISTENT One of the biggest issues businesses face with their marketing is keeping on top of regular communications with customers and knowing what works and what doesn’t. Without consistency, you are creating confusion for your customer, they don’t know what to expect from you and if you are inconsistent with your communication with them, it can affect trust. You wouldn’t set a goal to get fit, go for a run for 40 minutes and think that’s it “I’m fit now”, it takes time, dedication and consistency. Consistency, internally, allows your teams to build routine and process. This allows for results to be created, compared and monitored as an ongoing focus for the department.
  2. BE ACCOUNTABLE This monitoring of results makes your staff accountable. It means WE set out to do something, WE devised a way to achieve it, WE worked together to get there and WE were responsible for the outcome. This responsibility can evolve teams into amazing machines for opportunity spotting, I’ve seen it, when people feel more in control, they feel empowered to push the boundaries for the good of the company.
  3. COMMUNICATE MORE once you are consistent with your customers and you know where you are going and how you are measuring success, you’ll realise that this requires better and more consistent communication. If your business has grown from a small management team, you will have realised that you can no longer just assume that everyone knows what the next step is or why something has gone wrong. As you grow, communication channels are diluted and there needs to be new ways of managing the development of people and departments. You might find a need for quarterly updates and townhall meetings so that your teams are all included in your growth journey. This inclusion improves job satisfaction and trust in you as an employer.
  4. REVIEW so once you’ve done all of this, it just works and you can book a vacation right? Wrong. What you do is book a review session, where were we, what did we set out to do, how did we do it, where were our stumbling blocks and how did we overcome them? Where did we succeed and why was that? What is the customer's point of view here and how did it benefit them? What was the impact on sales but also in-house resource? Could this be managed better next time and how? I could go on all day but I know you want to go and make a cuppa so I won’t but know that if you want to know more about making these 4 pillars work for you, in your business, I’m here.

I’ve observed many businesses who aren’t set up to invest in their marketing (nor can they be bothered to be) and there is ALWAYS one or more of these things that they don’t do. The ones who succeed are open-minded and driven to make a change whilst doing all 4.

The choice is yours

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