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The 1 thing you need to do to take control of your marketing

Date: 6 February 2019 | By: admin

There’s one thing.

This one thing will accelerate your business growth long-term through the outcomes of your marketing.


That’s it.

Harness your current thought process towards your
marketing and use it to reset the scope of your business outcomes.

So if you are currently thinking that your marketing is okay and it is too much trouble to change it for the better right now, you need to re-frame that and replace it with a new thought process. That new thought process needs to be positive and proactive.

Changing your thought process in business is tough. It sounds like a quick fix and something really simple to do but in reality it can be difficult. This is because we create a mindset approach over time and all of our daily thoughts contribute to its outcome. Our mindset is shaped by daily interactions and events.

With marketing we can quite often think that it is
something that is intangible and fluffy. Actually quite the opposite can be
true when marketing is planned out correctly. When you get your marketing right
and it is proactive and everybody else is involved in the journey with you, it
can be rocket fuel for your business.

We need to stop thinking of marketing as a catchall title for fluffy stuff and colouring in, in business, and reframe it as how we tell our story and every interaction we have with the customer.

The success of our business is dependent on our skills around communication.

Our future is dependent on how our customers react to our communication.

Our profitability is dependent on how quickly our customers take action based on our communication.

If we can successfully develop a new section of our mindset towards our communication to our customers, our brand equity will grow, our company culture will be protected and our customers will be happier than they ever were before.

So how do we do it?

Daily practice is essential to changing your mindset. It is not something that someone can tell you to do, you have to see the benefit to it and want to do it yourself. In business, we quite often 'park' areas of the business that need action in the hope that they will go away or we can get away with not pursuing them for growth. Marketing, or the way we communicate with the customer, is often an area where we feel we can switch on and switch off or ignore as an activity in the background.

Let’s reposition our marketing efforts as conversations and human interactions with real life people with real life needs. Your customers need your services or your products but it is YOUR responsibility to tell them why you are the best at what you do.

It is your responsibility to your customers to show them how you can solve their problems. It is your responsibility to tell your customers what action they need to take to improve their daily lives.

It is your responsibility to inform your staff of the communications that are going out to your customers.

It is your responsibility to create fresh new and relevant material to engage with your customers on a regular basis.

Change your mindset, accelerate your growth.

If you want to stop ignoring your marketing and revitalise your approach to your customers get in touch

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