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Stop dipping your toe in and collect your wedge

Date: 13 October 2018 | By: admin

So you are superb at whatever you do, the best there is.

You aren’t also expected to be wonderful at marketing (unless that’s your business!), that’s for those who are madly passionate about it, like me.

There are 3 reasons your marketing, if you do any, isn’t working:


You need to be communicating to your customers well, with the right message at the right time so that it is relevant to them. We need this story telling and communication to turn into a lead for you and ultimately make you money.

You need consistency, it’s a relationship.
You get out of it what you put in - in order to have a good relationship or friendship you need to keep in touch with people and mean something to them. You only get that through relevant and consistent conversations where you understand their needs and offer solutions and support.

You need accountability. You have to set yourself targets, meet them, review them and review them again.

You have a budget but you perhaps have no idea where to start or where to spend your money for the best outcome. You’ve dipped your toe in the water many a time with retargeting or social media and the agency send you some snazzy reports every month so it must be working right? WRONG. It’s only working if it feeds your objectives and is building your audience and meeting your sales targets and funnel.

Think of your marketing as the wedges in a game of trivial pursuit and start off with the empty playing piece. Decide that you want to win and come up with a strategy to get you to the end of the game first. Collect all of wedges by answering the questions correctly and take home the bacon.

It won’t be one golden nugget that makes your marketing work for you, I promise. It will be an amalgamation of activity carried out at the right time, to the right people with the right message.

Let’s get you your first wedge.

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