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When your team have no vision

Date: 3 April 2018 | By: admin

So many SMEs have staff that they have hired but that have no job description or real understanding of what is expected from them. Of course, there are plenty that have this spot on, usually those who outsource their HR.

HR and marketing seem to be last on the agenda a lot of the time but a few years in, it becomes apparent that there is a need for a more proactive strategy to be put in place.

Company culture really is driven from the top so it’s vital that senior management are conscious of culture needs and changes, in order to maintain a strong vision for the company longer term and ensure its people are on the journey with them.

No clear vision means:

No direction or end goal to focus on - this leads to staff ‘floating’ around doing what they think they should be doing rather than what they are expected to be doing my management. This can also affect their reputation internally for achieving results.

No timescale to complete anything in - without a timescale there is no map or road to follow and therefore no destination. It’s a one way ticket to wherever...

No discipline - this usually means that even if there was a deadline, things don’t get done by them and that ‘to-do’ list gets longer and more haphazard.

No strategised team work - when each team member doesn’t understand each other or their own strengths and weaknesses, you have a jumbled up group of people running around and bumping into each other rather then everyone going in the same direction.

No expectations set or met - with no objectives and KPIs there is no progression to track and therefore performance management is very tough.

No understanding from colleagues of what you are working on - when one team member doesn’t understand the other, there is no cohesion and often a high staff turnover.

Clashes of projects internally - if no one understands the importance of one another’s projects there is no understanding of their impact or priorities in terms of the bigger picture which can slow up growth unnecessarily.

All of these affect profitability and internal training time, which puts additional pressure on the organisation in general.

If we create a vision it gives us strength, hope, resilience and optimism which keeps our organisations steadfast.

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