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Understanding the cost of stuff

Date: 4 January 2018 | By: admin

Every day we are up against new costs and quotes.

Why would we pay £200 more for something we can get for less?

Whose responsibility is it to justify that additional cost....Ours? The sales people? The store? The brochure? The website?

The answer is probably all of them. All of these ‘customer facing’ areas are responsible but ultimately it is our decision based on the evidence we have been provided.

I come across a lot of agencies who ostensibly, provide the same offering. If I went on their websites I’d come away thinking they were providing the same outcome but with a little more ‘passion’ or a bit of ‘customer dedication’. That’s because usually, the difference is in the people and the service not necessarily in the product. It is in how it is packaged and how quickly or efficiently those outcomes can be reached and how that site with our personal expectations and objectives at that time.

Every agency will argue that they have a different approach or that there way is best, for reasons XY and Z. When trying to find solutions for clients this can be somewhat confusing...UNTIL you meet the people and you get a feel for the type or person you want to work with, that can make all the difference. If you can meet an agency where you get the "they think like me" thing, grab them as you'll have a much better chance of getting what you want, when you want it.

People and service can not be under estimated by any means.

However, when you have 5 quotes and need justification of the most expensive one it’s a toughie.

Why must I pay £6000 more for a better service? Am I bothered about service? Will I still get the same results?

On the other hand, if I pay £6000 less am I cutting corners? Will I get any results at all?

Where is the customer supposed to put their expectations? The answer is usually somewhere in the middle or just above.

With SMEs in particular the emphasis on the outcome and results is usually paramount but alongside a well managed budget also. Too cheap and we won’t meet our targets, too expensive and the risk is too high on finance and resource in general.

It’s a tricky game that we all play daily, in and out of business. We do it in our home lives with televisions, beds and computers and at work with tenders, quotes and marketing.

The thing to is, whatever it is you are trying to decide on, remember the following:

1. Focus on the outcome

2. Set your budget

3. Get others involved

4. Get all of the information

5. Make your own decision - don’t be swayed by jargon

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