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Bridging the sales and marketing gap

Date: 26 November 2017 | By: admin

When you started your business did you find a template online implement it using your vision and never look back?

Of course you didn’t. Your ideas, your vision and your passion were yours and yours only.

I believe that your sales and marketing approach should be the same. Use your existing vision, develop your mission and live your values.

For you to have known that your business idea has legs, you will have researched and observed in order to build something unique for yourself. You needed to find your way into the market with a stand out USP to entice your customers.

So why then...when you put all that effort in, do you let other people into your business to ‘help’, use a template strategy or a template way of doing things without deviation.

Your strategist or sales and marketing consultant should be dynamic, someone with the ability to apply what is needed from proven methods but to have a fresh approach for your business tailored and perfected over time. An approach that embraces everything you have stood for and maximises everything you want to be.

Where I am highly beneficial is when there is a gap between the sales and marketing department (which is in more SMEs than you think). Marketing are sat there having a lovely website and lots of social activity but no one knows if there are any leads or when there are, where they are going. In terms of ROI this is a massive no no. There are still organisations where sales look at marketing to produce flyers and inform customers of the Christmas shut down hours.

Those days are gone.

Sales and marketing should both be using your initial vision and the strategy put in place to serve both departments.

Same vision. Same mission. Same values.

Accountability and consistency for both departments is essential. Sales feed all research and customer point of views to the marketers who adapt their offering accordingly where there is a majority push. Marketers test campaigns and messages with sales to ensure the lead generation strategy is maximised and there is a good balance between client acquisition and client retention. When marketing create some leads through CTAs on the website, marketing follow up with sales and report on the outcome in order to feed the database and improve for the future. It’s so simple when you get it right from the start but get it wrong and you will have a disjointed approach and your customers will pick up on it, affecting your reputation, competitive advantage and profitability.

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