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Manufacturing & Marketing

Date: 18 November 2017 | By: admin

I adore the manufacturing industry.

I can’t put my finger on what it is but I love working with engineers and technical sales. I think my childhood helps, as my Father was always taking things apart and inventing things when he wasn’t in work. I got my love of cars and motorbikes from my Father and coupled with a very inquisitive mind, I look at everything like a puzzle with a solution.

When I learned to drive I needed to understand exactly what the clutch did when you depress the pedal and when I got my first motorbike I needed to take it apart (in fact I built the first one).

The likeminded puzzle solving attitude amongst manufacturing engineers and technicians is admirable.

The MDs and CEOs I have worked with on the technical and manufacturing industry are a pleasure. They are always open to support and new ideas, they understand that everyone has a skill set that needs to be nurtured and maximised.

The staff are friendly and relaxed which is a joy to work with. The engineers want to know what you are up to and make time to engage with you on a daily basis.

I’m generalising of course but it just fits so well with my business model and mine with theirs.

Another sector I love is the financial sector. Again there are some mutual benefits here for both businesses but there is a real passion in this sector for perfection and development which also sits well with my values.

Two very different arenas but both superb in their outlook and results driven attitude.

If you are in manufacturing, engineering or the financial sector, why not get in touch?

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