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You don’t have a strategy but you think you need one. Do you?

Date: 5 November 2017 | By: admin

Answer you probably want to hear: No.

Answer you need to hear: Yes.

A strategy, master plan, blueprint, pathway, procedure; something that gets you to your long term goal by using a vision to create a stable pathway.

You have a vision, I’m sure of that. You also have resource and talent. You probably also have a budget.

So what’s stopping you building a clear, commercial pathway to get to your vision end faster and with more profit and a better reputation?

Is it that you don’t want to accept a fresh approach? Is it trusting someone who is an outsider coming into your business? Is it fear of losing control of everything you’ve been in control of since day one?

Whatever it is. Forget it.

Building a strategy is like being dropped off somewhere unfamiliar and trying to get to somewhere you know exists but you have no map or guide.

Some of it is about instinct, some about landmarks, some about land mines (!), some about teamwork and some about vision and determination.

If you are not a natural researcher, planner and organiser, strategy can be tough.

My method of strategy building is always successful when benchmarks are set, everyone is on board, promises are kept, budgets are agreed and resource is managed.

All of this is simple when done correctly and at the end of it you will be better equipped for growth and improved performance than ever before.

If you are playing at marketing by occasionally going on Social Media. You are not moving forward.

If you are carrying ‘hope’ as your strategy you are not creating competitive advantage.

If you are not listening to your clients point of view consistently you are not building a future for your staff and pipeline.

Time to stop thinking about what might go wrong and actually plan for it.

If you allow me to work with you, I will stay out of your way but create the best possible version of your business that there can be.

A consistent, long term, legible, robust and effective strategy that lets your business grow with ease.

Not just a load of papers and spreadsheets but a real life map for your teams to follow and live by.

No long term commitment and simple retainers.

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