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All sales and marketing consultants are the same. Right?

Date: 26 October 2017 | By: admin

This is something I have overheard from some MDs and top business owners over the years. When I dug a little deeper they were also the sort of people that had never sought any unknown outside help bar from accountancy firms so there was zero confidence in other people taking their brand and mission forward.

There is also another angle to this and that is that MDs and CEOs have been bitten by choosing low quality consultants that are not well rounded or variety exposed, so they didn’t provide the support required or match up to expectations.

When working with other people in THEIR businesses you have to be clear about what is expected of you but also what you expect from them, most people appreciate this direct approach as everyone knows where they stand.

I found my niche in between sales and marketing. I was always frustrated at the ‘gap’ between the sales department who were fast thinking and who wanted everything yesterday and the marketing department who were thinking longer term and a little more ‘fluffy’ (I now hate that term!).

Over the years this divide has remained in a lot of organisations but the departments themselves have changed due to digital integration and aggressive growth targets to create competitive advantage.

This is only my opinion but I am passionate about it, one cannot work without the other in the majority of industries.

Marketing is no longer just the leaflet drops and the colour of your logo or an advert in the local paper and listing in Yell, it’s high level integration with commercial accountability.

Sales is no longer the aggressive ‘get the client at all costs by whatever means’, it’s solution selling, challenger sales and elegant relationship building.

The two together, done correctly can be AMAZING for your growth and profitability.

My research shows that head count is important for SMEs whether that be to keep it down or increase it but with the ‘right’ people. Therefore outsourcing your sales and marketing support is a great way to get the best of both worlds without any compromise.

The outcome for both ‘departments’ should be the same - growth for your company.


Reputation management.

Increased awareness.

Measured outcomes and review periods and so on...

A well-educated sales and marketing strategy, written, explained and implemented with care is invaluable.

Talk to me today about getting your sales and marketing strategy up to scratch.

Maximise your today and develop your tomorrow.

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