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What to do when you don’t give a sh*% about Marketing

Date: 12 October 2017 | By: admin

People say ‘Marketing’ and it conjures up all sorts of thoughts.

Some people think of stuffing envelopes and colouring in.

Some people think of huge billboards, advertising and media schedules.

Some just think of digital marketing and social media.

I’ve even had some clients say they think of door to door ‘salesmen’ as marketing which it is but probably more due to the media preamble they experienced on whatever product the salesman was selling.

Marketing is all of these things but also, more of some areas than others to us as individuals based on our circumstances and experiences.

If you are not in a Marketing profession and totally passionate about it, it’s likely it’s quite often a hindrance to you and your business. That additional thing that you have to factor in, that thing that is a constant, un-fruitful drain on your budget and resource.

For those business owners that do their own marketing they generally do it well because it is in the correct tone of voice and is true to the vision of the business but consistency seems to be the issue.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a pain in the behind. It can be strongly linked to the heart of your business and drive every element of performance in the business on a daily basis. It can build your strategy, feed your staff with new leads, boost and protect your reputation.

Stop making marketing a hassle and get sorted; build a strategy that suits you.

Let me take the pain out of slow, reactive and limp Marketing. Get your life back.


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