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Top 10 reasons you should plan your Marketing

Date: 16 September 2017 | By: admin

There are so many reasons you need to plan your marketing - even if you hate planning.

There are some simple ways to make the most of a small amount of time in each day for planning. Most people find that they need to book in regular time to do their planning so it's consistent, otherwise a month has gone by and you haven't done any and the business is still reactive.

'Planning' sounds so boring doesn't it? Think of it as creating vision instead or getting closer to your end goal. A long time ago I heard one of my clients call it vision mapping which I quite like.

How amazing that you can set a vision and work towards it or re-route your path at any point if need be.

Creating this map allows transparency and visibility for all involved - with a well executed plan the communication in your business will improve, along with your overall company growth.

There's a list below of some other reasons to plan in your business, if you are still not convinced then give me a shout and we can discuss your needs.

1. You'll save money

2. You can stay ahead of your competition

3. You will have buy in from your teams

4. You won't end up being reactive

5. You can monitor your results better

6. You'll be more profitable

7. You'll have a framework for success

8. Create a vision for your business

9. Teach you how to prioritise

10. You'll identify what makes you different

Let me convince you that planning/vision mapping is a true mini rocket for the growth of your business today.

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