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If your business was your favourite sport, would you be the winner?

Date: 12 September 2017 | By: admin

We are surrounded by sporting activities daily, if you like to watch sport on TV you will no doubt have seen all manner of disciplines over the years.

Whether it is Football, Rugby (a must if you grew up in Wales), Tennis, Curling, Lacrosse, Tiddly Winks...there are some key elements that draw you in.

Sport can be addictive and if we enjoy team sports, psychologically humans love to be part of something, a community or a following. It gives us our mid-level belonging stage from good old Maslow.

If we enjoy solo sports such as Swimming or Javelin the support of these often depends on the person/personality of the individual involved - their like ability.

Business is just like sport.

You have a choice about what you want to support, follow, invest in and commit to.

You can work either on your own, as a team or a dynamic mixture of the two.

You have an objective and a passion and work daily to get yourself and others closer to that.

You have to take others with you and remain accountable.

You train. You plan. You go through pain and you go through elation.

You have to make sacrifices and learn to compromise.

Recently, I have witnessed many businesses existing but not maximising. There is a loose vision that existed in someone's head 2 years ago but no real long term drive, built from vision and relevant values. Consequently, the business often suffers from appalling communication structures (internal and external), low morale, resentment and reactive sales patterns.

In order to gain business consistency, we need a CLEAR vision. Mapped out, perfected and that we are held accountable to.

Vision isn't fluffy or hippyish it's the finish line on the race track.

Everything else can stem from that and accountability is vital to its success.

Sport and business are both superb examples of A to B planning but sadly many businesses just have 'A'.

The ones I have seen that have the full package, experience rapid but stable growth and enjoy the benefits that brings through a more driven sales team and improved customer experience.

One thing to add here is that if you are doing this alone or as part of a team - it doesn't matter. You still need an 'A' for your 'B' and to have people around you to come on the journey with you and support you.

If you would like support with your vision and daily planning structure give me a shout.

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