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The Weight Watchers approach for your business

Date: 7 September 2017 | By: admin

The Weight watchers style business has been so successful as it educates the client and encourages consistency with lifestyle changes.

That applies in business too right?

Educate your client in your capabilities and ability to meet their needs then coach them through the actual implementation and outcome.

If we know that 'life fixes' such as weight watchers, gym membership, eyesight tests and business networking groups bring results why aren't we applying the basic principles behind them to our marketing approach?

All of the above require the following:

Recognition of something that needs improvement

Commitment to making a change

Research in to alternatives

Cost benefit analysis

A decision to go ahead with a solution



Results management

Stick or twist

This is exactly the same with business and marketing when performance needs to be improved.

Something isn't right and someone needs to recognise that there is room for improvement.

Once that has been made and agreed, an audit can be carried out to understand the situation in its entirety.

Then a plan of action and process can be put in place to fix the problem but this must remain flexible in order to adapt to every day business changes.

It sounds a really simple process doesn't it but so many businesses potter along without strategy, communication or consistency which leaves them reactive, impatient and unprofitable.

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