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How to spend less and gain more on your marketing

Date: 2 September 2017 | By: admin

Good marketing, planned and executed well, can boost your business no end.

Poor marketing that is not planned and is rushed, can be catastrophic for your business.

I know which one I would prefer for my business but I totally understand why many business owners these days can't really understand what they are paying for in their marketing and what return they get off the back of it.

As business owners, we know the areas that we need to invest in on a monthly basis but it is so tempting sometimes to react to competitor activity or over spend on an 'urgent' event or sponsorship opportunity.

A robust marketing strategy needs to be adhered to and consistently monitored but it also needs to be flexible towards the business needs. I think the term 'strategy' is often mis-used in business and people switch off as they think of some huge document with '' points stating all of the why's and wherefores of the business goings on. Of course, a strategy must have this sort of discipline however, we are dealing with real people here and real needs so it also needs to be digestible and relevant with the objective to improve the performance of the business above all else.

If you spend less on your marketing by following a strategy that is well- communicated, planned, consistent, flexible and superbly executed you will gain more than you would of if you had remained strategy free.

This doesn't mean a great strategy will allow you to reduce your marketing budget to £0, it means you can avoid costly mistakes and mitigate risk by having a brilliant 1, 3 or 5 year strategy to work from.

There is a strong, strategic, unbreakable link and attachment to commercial accountability between sales and marketing and the two support each other.

Prioritise your strategic marketing for a much improved, well managed, profitable lift to your business overall.

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