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Everything we do links back to performance

Date: 27 August 2017 | By: admin

I believe that everything in a business links back to performance.

Whether it's financial performance of the business overall, performance of sales teams against their KPIs, performance of internal equipment and the database or performance of marketing and customer service staff at an event.


When you are so close to your business and trust in the people around you, it's often tough to see the clearest, most profitable, most realistic way through; especially during tough times.

So there is this over used 'business consultancy' or 'business advice' concept flying around which could mean anything. A lot of ex FDs get into this arena as there are always errors in start ups accounts or 10 year+ established businesses that can show some quick wins in terms of performance.

What also happens though is that marketing efforts turn into a tick box exercise on a monthly timescale rather than being built into and driving the overall business strategy.

I have found that through my transition from Sales to Marketing Management, the two need to be hand in hand and one doesn't work without the other and BOTH are built from the overall vision, objectives and strategy of the company.

I totally understand why so many businesses employ freelancers and agencies on a monthly retainer, especially during the digital arena these days where strategy and tactics change daily.

However....what I don't understand is why MDs and CEOs plough so much into their sales teams but skimp on their marketing strategy. I've been in to so many businesses where marketing is a monthly retainer to 3 different agencies, none of which have been briefed in the same manner.

There are of course, some superb businesses out there who have invested in sales and marketing strategy and truly nailed their vision and values which has made them more profitable longer term.

Which are you? Are your sales and marketing efforts matched or is one the tortoise and one the hare?

If you'd like me to show you how to get rid of the sales and marketing gap and get back to improving all round performance, contact me today [email protected]

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