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Why let someone else in to YOUR business?

Date: 26 August 2017 | By: admin

So you're the boss. You are completely in control of the business and everyone in it. That's fantastic but sometimes don't you just wish, occasionally, someone else would be able to take some of the stress?

There are many benefits of getting an outside opinion on some of your business and marketing decisions. You become less stressed, you have more time, you know everything has an objective and a return and it's all measurable. Oh and you can go on holiday knowing someone has your back without having them as a full time employee on your headcount.

I don't like to call it help, as it's not. You know exactly what you are doing and that will never be questioned unless you want it to be. It's just another opinion in support of your mission that could potential steer your company exactly where you want it to go, especially if you are a little off course at present (this happens to everyone now and again).

A few years ago I came across a company that didn't really know how to on-board new managers; now I come to think of it, there have been quite a few like that.

Common traits in young managers are:


Strong desire for speed of promotion

Sometimes a lack of emotional intelligence

Superb enthusiasm but lack of years


Now I see all of these being enhanced and nurtured by correct understanding of goals and values. Some managers see these traits as an annoyance as they can't keep up with the needs of the employee and often lose them to another company set up and ready to help them reach their potential.

Wouldn't it be great if you had someone to on-board all your new staff and get them settled into the team?

It doesn't have to be a difficult transition at all.

There are many areas of business that can be improved by some fresh eyes looking at it, the most common in 2017 have been:

Staff retention and development

Internal and external communication

Understanding proper ROI

High quality marketing with a return

Overall business and marketing strategy

Exit strategies

Long term sickness cover/maternity

There's no reason to go it alone any more, get some support and become more profitable - you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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