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Marketing Success

Date: 18 August 2017 | By: admin

I have spoken to many businesses lately that have been doing ad-hoc marketing with no real direction or quantifiable outcome in mind.

So many businesses use 3-4 agencies for the same strategy I.e. PR, website, copy, digital, events etc. Where does it end and how do you effectively manage your ROI?

That starts with you...some businesses do this superbly. They start with a vision and an objective and they work backwards using someone or a group of people that they trust to help them reach where they need to be.

When you engage with so many different disciplines, not only is it likely to cost you more, it makes for some chaotic day to day management too.

In my experience, liaising with one person (who you must trust) and allowing them to do the leg work and number crunching for you is a far more robust and successful solution.

This doesn't mean spending thousands a month on a multi disciplined agency, it means investing some of your time to the right person to give clear and concise direction.

If you are unsure of your direction, this person should be able to help you find that and make you commercially accountable for it, which will make you perform and be more successful.

To get the marketing success you are after - you need support, you need vision and you need accountability.

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