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Managing Stress in the workplace

Date: 3 August 2017 | By: admin

'Stress' is a very common word these days but more and more so in today's workplace.

We all feel stressed at times but sometimes stress can become overwhelming and take its toll on our ability to perform in business, our home lives and our health.

I have studied stress in the workplace from all angles, theoretical, hands on, first hand and hugely from an observational point of view.

Stress can come from demands on you and your role, control issues, relationships, change and support (or lack of it).

The physical signs of stress are poor sleep, high blood pressure, compromised immune system, pains attacks, worsening of auto immune problems, fatigue, IBS and many more.

Some of the mental signs of stress are feeling down or hopeless, depression, anxiety, confusion or feeling overwhelmed, mood swings and drug or alcohol abuse.

There is a stigma attached to stress, it takes many forms and affects us all differently. Type A people are far more prone to stress as they are generally more 'wired', confident and ambitious.

Stress can also occur in groups especially when there is a drop in performance, high absenteeism and a high staff turnover.

Our thinking style also affects the way we handle stress, seniority and experience along with culture also can have an impact.

There are ways to manage stress in the workplace and every employer has a responsibility towards managing this in their everyday employee environment.

If you would like to know more about managing stress in the workplace, get in touch today [email protected]

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