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Sales Psychology

Date: 18 July 2017 | By: admin

Everyone wants to sell better and faster. 

Everyone wants higher conversion rates, laser focus on realistic goals and to create outstanding competitive advantage.

Sales psychology has a huge part to play in this process, one that I have seen many businesses neglect. 
Understanding sales psychology is so important to company growth, staff development and overall performance. 
It's a multi faceted approach and of course depends on the status and mentality of the staff you have in your team. Understanding sales psychology can transform your teams from 'no stars' to all-stars with some careful preparation and explanation. 
Trust and emotion are absolutely essential in sales psychology, especially in non-traditional sales areas where people don't actually want to be classed as a 'typical' sales person.
We need to remember that humans make decisions emotionally and there is a rarely a logical thought process. Feelings and needs are a large part of the decision process and in my opinion, the intangible elements of sales are the ones that often lead to persuasion. 
You also can't force people into doing something. You can gently urge them to take action but people do what they want to do. The sales persons job is to meet the prospects needs, with finesse.
It's a complicated old game but it can be extremely enjoyable when done properly and elegantly. 
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