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When times get tough

Date: 6 July 2017 | By: admin

Every business goes through periods or elation and devastation.

Years ago a large retail chain pulled a huge contract from us without warning which led to redundancies and pay freezes. Morale was low.

However, we had always employed a certain 'type' of person. You know, the ones who don't let up, the all-stars, the resilient ones.

We had never put all of our eggs in one basket and so were grateful of our other larger retails chains and independent businesses. Our focus was always immense and we came back stronger with more staff, better reputation...oh and the large retail chain we lost came back for more as they'd realised that service should be chosen over price.

There was nothing anyone could have done about this situation, bar lowering prices beyond belief and compromising service - which we would have never allowed to happen. We had core values in our robust strategy we knew we wouldn't compromise on.

When you are forecasting potential clients that will join you whilst doing your global and local, annual budgets, you are truly responsible for the outcome. That's what had happened to us here and thank heavens we had a strategy that everyone had bought into and had looked at risk mitigation and contingency in depth.

Every business dreads this type of situation but not all plan for it successfully.

I am sharing it with you so that you see I have experienced good and bad times too and either way, have always come back stronger. 

You can too.
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