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Skill set management 

Date: 4 July 2017 | By: admin

So you have teams of people working for you but you don't really understand what they do on a daily basis or where their progression lies.

As Managers and Directors we are all guilty of employing someone using a structured job description and not really understanding the actual values and beliefs of that person or where they want to take the role we have put them in.

I once had an employee that had a superb skill set hidden away and I had no idea at all as they were quite the introvert and extremely private.

Once I took the time to understand their real passions in life I got to see exactly where they could benefit the business and how they could increase their job satisfaction at the same time as doing a much more profitable role in the company. 

Simple understandings go a long way.

This doesn't have to take hours of your time either, a simple skill set mapping exercise or a 1 to 1 review can open a lot of doors and maximise your internal resource, saving thousands on recruitment fees.

It's a wonderful thing to watch someone flourish in business because they are passionate and hungry. 

It's a terrible thing to see them de-motivated and in a negative mindset, not to mention how that affects team morale and company culture.

If you want to analyse your teams skill set and get more out of your existing resource, contact me today on [email protected] 

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