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Planning your exit as an SME

Date: 3 July 2017 | By: admin

In business we often over value our services and under value ourselves.

The main decision makers and MDs are still hugely integral to the every day running and success of any business. It's common for MDs to have such a superb team around them and for them to see the business running smoothly with little daily input from them. It can also work the other way with EVERYTHING relying on the MD which is both time consuming and draining for all involved.
When you decide to put a timeline onto your business and look to sell up or leave everything needs putting into perspective. 
There are a lot of questions that need answers; how much will my business be worth? who will buy it? Will it lose value when I leave? How do I ensure my brand equity is protected after my departure?

There is no golden answer here and preparing your business for your exit is something you most definitely need to plan for and project manage.
1. Audit and asses your assets

2. Forecast and map out your finances

3. Analyse your existing resource

4. Use critical path and set milestones

5. Mitigate risk

6. Set goals and outcomes 

7. Communicate your plans internally where necessary 

8. Reshape existing resource

9. Continue to assess your competition

10. Approach your exit with confidence
Guesswork and poor communication won't get you through this one it's a big deal - support is absolutely necessary. 
If you are thinking of building an exit plan, get in touch today [email protected] 07568387081 

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