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Maximising resource

Date: 29 June 2017 | By: admin

If you have a team of people with job titles and a job description, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that you have maximised your internal resources. Everything runs smoothly and job satisfaction is ostensibly high; however, what is your contingency if one of your team goes off on long term sick or maternity? How will you fill the void quickly and still get the results you were getting before (or better!)?

There are hidden talents in your current teams that are not being utilised, I promise you. The box you build for your staff can confine them and not allow for creative or outside the box style thinking. Any modern business wants to encourage this progressive big picture thinking and as you and I both know, it’s imperative for high level leadership success.

In order to really understand what your teams have to offer you need to understand THEM. Their values, beliefs and life goals. The most interesting thing I have seen when maximising resource in a business is how many of us have limiting beliefs that literally start to control our destiny. If a staff member has the ability and the will to be CEO one day but tells him/herself that they will never be good enough or they are not outgoing enough, they will never get there. The CEO dream will always be just that, a dream. To me, that’s sad as everything to make the dream real is there, remove that limiting belief and hey presto there you have it, someone ready to step into your shoes when you decide to exit the business.

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