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Date: 28 June 2017 | By: admin

Sounds simple doesn’t it; just communicate. If you are in business, you will know that good communication across the board is hard to get and takes everyone to be on the same page.

We all have different ways of communicating, whether it be that our preference is face to face or over email, everyone has their own ways of getting their point across.

Over the years, I have watched poor communication destroy perfectly good businesses and long standing relationships too. I’ve witnessed poor communication from both sexes and elsewhere in Europe too so it’s not specific to one sex or just in UK business. When communication is poor the environment becomes a hive for rumours and gossip, people can’t communicate their true feelings and tend to hide away or become a keyboard warrior behind their laptop.
I have also seen businesses thrive when communication is superb, everyone knows where they stand and what is expected of them, their progression is clearly mapped out and the results come flooding in.

From these observations I have learned a lot and adapted my own style to ensure communication is always excellent in the workplace.
Good communication in a company creates certainty and clarity which allows guidelines to be adhered to and results to be focussed on, which is what we are all after right?

When communication is good in a company, it usually comes from the top. I have worked in organisations where there are meeting about EVERYTHING so communication should be excellent but it isn’t as face to face just isn’t everyone’s style. Having 15 internal meetings a day doesn’t mean communication is good it generally means 1-2 people are ruling the roost and dictating the actions. This works as long as you get results and it is managed carefully but it can also create conflict and resentment. Poor communication leads to lower productivity and reduced ability to problem solve across the board.
What are the keys to good communication in a company?

Work from the top
Encourage the communication mix (F2f email text etc)

Build trust and honesty
Make your good employees feel like owners

Active listen
If you want advice on how to get better results by just improving your communication email me [email protected]

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