The purpose of Gemma Angharad is to provide SMEs with a full and unbreakable strategy to create competitive advantage and stabilise future growth.

The business exists because so many companies cope with structural fractures that go ignored, as nobody knows how to repair them so that they are completely solid again. Think of this as your 360 degree repair kit and a high end builder – in one.



Gemma Angharad currently lives near Cardiff but has worked all over the UK, Ireland and Europe. Award winning Gemma has over 14 years experience as a successful Sales Manager, Marketing Manager at board level and Head of Department alongside achieving high level CIM qualifications, Awards, Diplomas and a Marketing MBA.

Superb Expertise

Working in both public and private sector businesses, b2b & b2c, on a local and global scale, Gemma’s relentless attitude to building businesses with indestructible foundations and structures for growth longer term has ensured she is one of the best in the business for consistent support and coordination.


An unrivalled, impressive, accomplished marketing mastermind.

Strategically getting the message to the right customer, at the right time, growing your business with ease.
  • Excellent brownie point winner with your family. Improving your social calendar and time at home.
  • Accomplished youth extender and wrinkle eraser by reducing your stress levels.
  • Avid company culture protector, getting departments working together and understanding each other to improve productivity.
  • The ultimate customer communicator; keeping your customers for life and enticing new ones with finesse.
  • Superb wallet protector stopping you wasting pennies on marketing that can be better spent elsewhere on things that ACTUALLY make you more profitable.

My clients say I’m a BUSINESS SNIPER taking away unwanted areas of the business that are zapping your energy and profitability.

If I had a pound for every time I’d heard “I DIDN’T REALISE HOW MUCH MONEY WE WERE WASTING ON MARKETING WITH ZERO RETURN” I’d have bought that Ducati 1098 and Aston Martin One 77 by now.

“Her innovative marketing ideas, fun approach and can-do attitude make her an asset to any company”.

“A fabulous individual who will help any MD/CEO achieve their goals or take it off your hands and run it for you”

If this is you, give me a shout:

  • Managing Director or CEO
  • Ready to accelerate your business growth through intelligent strategy
  • Hungry to work with a stand out mastermind who has a proven track record in creating sustained, profitable growth
  • You work in Manufacturing, Engineering or similar industries
  • You can put the success of your business before your own ego

If you are looking for someone with attributes below, please continue your search:

  • A junior Marketer that posts to social media for you willy nilly (what a great phrase)
  • Someone who pops in and hands you a marketing plan and disappears
  • Someone a bit wet behind the ears with no commercial activity and no ‘real-life’ experience;
  • A short-term, costly quick fix for your business

Looking for…

  • An outstanding, experience led, commercially driven, yet creative marketer with your growth at the heart of the business
  • A magnificent consultant on hand to manage your client acquisition and retention through a strategic marketing plan that comes to life
  • Unrivalled, effusive marketer reducing your stress levels and accelerating your company growth whilst protecting your company culture.



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I’ve seen many businesses succeed in their fight for competitive advantage over the years but also many fail.

It has been this observational exposure that has made me the best equipped consultant around for impartial and successful advice.

You’ll be glad you chose to work with me. I will make your business stronger, bulletproof and scalable as long as you are as committed to me as I will be to you… that’s my promise

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What my clients say

  • I have found the whole process truly eye opening for the business. We found areas that we thought were performing well that were actually not but most importantly, we couldn’t have done it without your assistance Gemma

  • In addition to her efficiency, Gemma has a very positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with. She is always professional and friendly but it is the little touches that make the difference

  • A fabulous individual who will help any MD/CEO achieve their company goals, or take it off your hands and run it for you

  • She is proactive, always maintaining regular contact. If I need to contact her with an issue, I know that it will be dealt with promptly and efficiently without requiring any follow up on my part

  • Gemma is a highly motivated , goal driven individual with strong management skills.
    An image of what the modern woman should be.
    An inspiration.

  • Gemma continually inspired her team as a manager with exceptional leadership and communication skills. She continually helped me to develop my sales & marketing skills providing holistic development opportunities.
    Her innovative marketing ideas, fun approach and can do attitude make her an asset to any company.

  • Great ideas are meaningless without execution, and that’s where Gem excels. She partners to create a framework for success and then manages the change process from start to finish.

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